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Annemieke Boots Porcelain Bowl
Annemieke Boots Porcelain Bowl

Annemieke Boots Ceramics

Annemieke Boots Porcelain Bowl Crystal White

25.00 EUR

Handmade bowl in crystal white porcelain. Perfect as a baby’s first bowl and to treasure forever.

All of Annemieke’s ceramics are handmade: the preparation of the clay, stoneware or porcelain, the throwing on the wheel or the casting with moulds, the trimming, the first (bisque) firing at a temperature of 980°C, the glazes, glazing the bisque fired ceramics, the second (glaze) firing at 1250°C and the finishing touch of sanding the pieces to achieve the ultimate smooth finish.

Meet Annemieke Boots: her creations come from the heart, they occur from within. Firstly she creates for herself, but when others appreciate her work her happiness is complete. Her work can be light when she works with porcelain and more solid and grounded when she uses stoneware. That’s why HAAS especially loves this porcelain set: it may not be perfect, but it’s pure and therefore it’s everything the bond between a mother and a baby stands for.

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