HAAS in Kids Magazine!

And another lovely article in another lovely magazine. Kids, which is all about fashion and lifestyle for the little one, states that HAAS is "le must have de box". Well, I'm not arguing with the French and their fine taste (look at my own friends from France Whole, Moumout and Minois and their beautiful brands) so I couldn't be more proud to be featured in this gorgeous mag. Merci Marine!

Happy New Year
januari 2018

Happy New Year

2017, the year in which my third "baby" was born. And what a fun, sometimes challenging, but most of the time interesting ride it's been! Thank you all for supporting me and my little business. And have a lovely 2018! May your pages be filled with love, laughter and happiness.

HAAS in VT Wonen!
december 2017

HAAS in VT Wonen!

How cool is this!?! Yours truly in the December issue of the Dutch interior magazine VT Wonen. This issue is all about gifts, giving and celebrating. And so, of course HAAS' gift box had to be in there ;) Honestly, I'm truly honored to be featured in one of my all time favourite magazines. So, if you're looking for a little Christmas inspiration, want to get into a festive mood or want to see me shine, go get it!

Lennebelle: jewellery that celebrates the love between mother and child

Meet Lennebelle Petites: born out of a true mother’s heart when jewellery designer Lenneke had her first daughter. The purest of feelings found its outcome in a jewellery line celebrating that very special bond between mother and child. HAAS loves how the bracelets represent the small and simple things in life, but at the same time can become true tokens for life.

Repose: timeless repose in children’s wear

Meet Repose: a Dutch brand that seeks sense of timeless repose in children’s wear. Where comfort and design meet harmoniously through colours, forms and textures. Where the endless imagination of children connects with the modern aesthetics of parents in unique, lasting pieces. HAAS especially loves Repose’s baby blankets, which are really multifunctional and truly beautiful.

Mie Frey: the cutest pregnancy journal

Meet Mie Frey: a Danish designer, illustrator and visual storyteller with an eye for detail and interest in the disparities of our everyday life, habits and relations. Her pregnancy was the biggest experience in life so far. Literally. In an attempt to capture the unbelievable feeling of being this enormous, but elegant elephant, she made the illustration series "Waiting". HAAS loves Mie’s whimsical approach to the life-changing event of having a baby, yet leaving plenty of room for thoughts and feelings.

Minois Paris: organic skincare for the little one

Meet Minois Paris: Hélène always dreamed of starting a high quality skincare brand especially for children, but only after the birth of her daughter she suddenly felt a great responsibility. She was going to have to take care of her. In every sense of the word. And so she created Minois Paris: safe products, easy to use and hard to resist. HAAS fell in love with the beautiful design, but moreover with the delicious smell. It’s the best! 

Whole: a whole new way of living

Meet Whole: a whole new way of living. All of Whole’s products are proudly designed, manufactured and hand dyed in France. By only using natural textiles including wool, linen and cotton, only extracting pigments from organic materials and only using recycled packaging, no harm is done to the environment and every product is completely safe for the consumer. HAAS loves the philosophy Whole stands for and the perfect colours it creates. By hand!

Moumout: homewear for happy children

Meet Moumout: a happy little French family that loves their children and yours. Moumout, designed in France and made in Portugal, aims to offer the best in terms of quality, durability, practicality and style, while preserving the environment. All of the Moumout products are manufactured with extreme care and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 labelled to maintain softness for the most sensitive skin of our little ones. HAAS fell in love with the way Moumout feels and on top of that, its pretty patterns and beautiful colours. 

Gray Label: organic apparel for the little minimalist

Meet Gray Label: organic apparel for the little minimalist. This Dutch brand consists of a year-round collection of quality basics that are contemporary, yet timeless and unisex. Emily Gray values simplicity in a world that is overloaded with bright colours and busy prints. Instead she focuses on colours and designs that would even make grown-ups a bit envious. HAAS especially loves Gray Label’s miniature collection, which is nothing less than pure softness, perfect for snuggling, cuddling and discovering the brave new world.

Hi, my name is HAAS

Hi, my name is Guusje de Haas, a.k.a. HAAS. First of all, thank you for visiting this website and taking the time to read this journal. This is where I'll be keeping you updated about everything that interests me and hopefully interests you too. From sneaky little previews of new products, to the faces behind featured brands, to just an inspirational story every now and then. Whatever is welcomed into this little world, it's always personally selected by HAAS, making sure it offers the quality and originality HAAS aims for and fits with the idea HAAS stands for: essential, sustainable, beautiful, natural, soft, safe, simple, special and personal products for mama & baby. Enjoy!

Love, HAAS